Skyshots Photography creates images with impact!

Offering a wide range of photographic techniques and services, we can provide you with the best possible views of your property. Our aerial photographs provide an impressive view of your property. On a custom aerial photo shoot, we can tailor the flight to suit your requirements. High altitude photographs include more of the surrounding area, while low altitude photos provide close-in shots of individual buildings. Just let us know what you need!

  • City Scapes

    We have stock images of most of the larger cities in Virginia including: Richmond, Norfolk, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Williamsburg, Neport News Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Blacksburg, Radford, Lexington, Harrisonburg and more!

  • Drones

    We are now certified by the FAA with a 333 exemption. Our drone pilots are certificated FAA pilots.

  • Construction/Engineering

    Aerial photography can be extremely useful in documenting and monitoring construction progress. We can capture “planimetric” (straight down, vertical views) as well as “oblique” (taken at an angle) views of your project.

  • Real Estate

    Aerial, elevated and ground-based photography that we offer is the best way to market your property. Whether you’re trying to sell or lease a shopping center, office building, raw land or residential property, our photography will enhance your marketing efforts and showcase your property in the best possible way.

  • Architectural

    Our Architectural photography will showcase your project in the best possible way. By utilizing the latest architectural photographic techniques, like HDR (High Dynamic Range), we can capture the grand vision as well as the details of your property. We specialize in Interior, Exterior and Nighttime Photography.

  • Elevated

    We are able to utilize a 50’ camera mast (basically a really tall tripod) to capture “low-level” aerial views.

  • Landmarks/Scenic

    Our extensive collection of stock aerial images include a lot of the iconic landmarks around Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. In our scenic pictures, you can see the artistic vision that we will use to capture the best possible images of your property.

  • Air to Air

    Our Air to Air Photography has been featured in many publications. It involves formation flying with a detailed safety briefing in optimal weather conditions over a scenic landscape. Our experience with Air to Air aerial photography will give you the images that you are looking for.

  • Video

    Whether you need us to capture video from the air or on the ground, we have the equipment and skills to create compelling video of your project. Aerial video highlights can be combined with aerial and elevated still shots for a remarkable presentation. Our documentary video services include time-lapse photography as well as traditional video capture methods.